Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Final Reflection

For the final part of the project I chose to do a step by step instruction on how to solve different, difficult math problems with my voice separately in the background.  I took pictures of each step it took to solve the math problems and described it as well.  It was difficult at first to line up the times of my vocal instruction with the pictures that showed what exactly was going on.  It didn't take long to get comfortable with the process and add different trasitions, along with the beginning and end credits.

I am happy we were able to do these projects because if we didn't, I would never have given these programs a chance.  I think they allow users to be extremely creative and once you spend some time with it, it is not too difficult to use.  I came into this project with very little knowledge about any aspect of the video and sound programs and how to use them.  With practice, along with help from Ian and Vinny, I was able to become familiar with different aspects of the programs that make for a successful video.  Editing can be confusing and frustrating at times but it can also be pretty fun if you have enough video to work with.  I am a fan of these programs and I would not rule out using them in my future classrooms, or for anything else.

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